Hello, my name is Rose Faye and I am an oil painter based out of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.//
I have been active in some form of art field since I was 3 yrs. old.  Dance and music lessons, . 
art in different media, and classes in fashion design.  I always had a sketch book nearby and
painted when I could starting with watercolors and graduating to oils.

I had the privilege of working for a year as an assistant in a catering company where I worked 
for a well-known Midwest oil painter who had studied in Italy.  She and I had many discussions
on the keys to creating paintings with good composition, color and depth.  That job evolved into
a career in the food industry in marketing/sales which gave me the opportunity to see most of
the beauty of our country.  I have also traveled to Europe, Hong Kong & North Africa on vacations
visiting amazing sites and toured many of the historical art sites and museums and stayed in an
apartment in Paris for a short time.  All of this brings me to where I am today.  I retired and now I
am living my dream as an oil painter.  My most recent showings were in the Primavera Fine Art
Show and The Hopkins Fine Art Exhibition in Minnesota.  You can see my gallery at  www.rosefaye.com